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Getting it out there!

So I give the finished copy of the election video to James, who is very pleased with the outcome. These are his comments: 

  • Likes that it is fun, light-hearted and entertaining.
  • Whilst still containing all the information on Elections as requested.
  • Kept to a good length so it can hold students attention at this busy time of year. 
  • Presents the student’s union members as outgoing and down to earth. 

James will be uploading the video onto the Student Union youtube and passing it on through social media and the website. He suggested having it online as soon as possible to get maximum viewing before the main Elections period. 

Quite happy as this is obviously the first video I have shot and edited myself, with no assistance. Although there are many things I would change in this video still, I feel because of this I am more confident to shoot and edit my own video’s in the future. 

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#Student Union Election Video 


Paper-Cut Art Silhouettes - Kesme Sanat Silüetleri by David A. Reeves

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incredible the visual from the use of certain materials can make such an impressive illusion.  

Ephemicropolis (2010) by Peter Root.

100,000 Staples
Approx floor area 600x300cm

Stacks of staples were broken into varying sizes from full stacks about 12cm high down to single staples. These stacks were then stood up and arranged over a period of 40 hours.

Click here to see feature in March 2012 issue of National Geographic Magazine and watch the video here.

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Catwalk - Black Cat Crossing (by marianFHH)

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I fucking love these, they are incredible!

I fucking love these, they are incredible!

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Meeson Pae Yang, Dispersion (2007). 

Moss, acrylic capsules, silicone tubing, silicone, acrylic fittings, hardware.

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Art Journaling: Recycled, homemade journal

I really want to try this! i love this :) homemade bookbinding ! 

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Lista (by plyczkowski)

Such a brilliant and beautiful animation

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These giant paper flowers are much nicer looking than my COP flowers … lovely

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Really smart paper cut origami. I love these, the colours and simple textures work fantastic.

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